Our story starts with oats

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Our British farming heritage

Having both grown up on farms, devOATed founders, and mother and son duo, Moira and Oliver, appreciate the farm-to-fork journey more than most. Inspired by the family tradition of making homemade oat milk and frustrated with the lack of quality, flavoured, plant-based drinks in the UK, devOATed was born in the farmhouse kitchen in 2023.


From a young age, Oliver enjoyed the homemade oat milk Moira would make for the family. By the time he reached adulthood, Oliver’s go-to breakfast had become an oat-based fruit smoothie. However, he was endlessly frustrated by the lack of oat-based smoothies and British plant-based shakes available in the UK. Having tasted them all he was left unsatisfied, so set out to create the best plant-based shake available, and drawing from his British farming heritage, focused on exclusively using British oats.

british farming devoated
british farming devoated

Our ethos

We’re proud to offer our oatshakes to those looking for a rich, dairy-free, delicious treat that has minimal environmental impact. By supporting British farming and creating a fully plant-based product, we’re doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, all whilst producing the finest British oatshake possible.

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